Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A pier I'd like to visit

Shout out! At pillars of white marble; they're
Draped in white linen to obscure the eye,
But only muffle passing notes I cry.
The shorebirds hum along with what I share.

If I can pick up nesting turtle doves
Like summer tangerines along the pier,
Then why can't I unwind enough to hear
The one telling the other who she loves?

It isn't true the only breath to take
Is one pulled from another's lips.
My soul will give me peace if I can grip
One edge of it I'll never intimate.

I can inhabit this, my space, a globe
Suspended--whining silence full of light--
With circled flock of seabirds froze in flight
In sanctuary gossamer, just clothed.

Come such another singing inner land
And I with rising fullness reach to greet
Its borders, calm like branches when they meet,
At last, I will not twist up in her hands.

If I find joy in locking eyes while
Breathing evenly, and on my own, then yes!
I'll take you and your world into the best
Of what of me is simple when you leave.

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