Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cellular Biophysics and Neurophysiology Exam

I did very poorly on the last test.
The professor commended her.
You did very well on the last test.
I had walked out of the exam thinking 55, maybe?
She condemned him.
Racist bastard.
Are you sure you haven't confused me with one of your other Korean students?
It was 9:30 AM and she had not slept enough for bullshit.
The professor looked confused.
Was she trolling him, or was she insulted?
He would be surprised at himself if he had made such a mistake.
He dreaded that she might be fooling at his expense.
He had insulted me.
You know, if you're wrong, I'll be very sad when I look it up later.
He considered.
He was also Korean.
Then he went to the trouble to look up her grade.
It was 9:30 AM and he had not slept enough for bullshit.
I stared at his desk.
She dreaded his disappointment at discovering he was in error.
She dreaded having to excuse his backtracking apology.
She was definitely trolling.
You got a 95.
She laughed aloud.
He condemned her.
She grinned ear to ear.
Such disrespect.
I did really well on the last test!

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